Monday, November 14, 2011

The Search for an Open Floor Plan

When we started looking for townhouses, we came across a lot of the same problems that we found in the condo: homes that had not had the maintenance they needed as the building aged.  The places that were well maintained had price tags that seemed too high for houses that still felt old fashioned, even if they had some nice renovations. 

What we really wanted was an open floor plan with a modern feel-- and this just didn't seem to be the style in any of the homes in our neighborhood, most of which were built in the 80's.  We were torn- we really couldn't see ourselves staying in any of these houses for the long term and didn't want to invest in a place that we didn't love.  We were also worried that a lot of these homes needed major repairs or maintenance- like new roofs- in the next few years.  We knew there was new construction, but also knew it really pricey so we had not even looked at it.

One Saturday after driving all over to lots of houses we weren't crazy about, we decided to just pop in and visit the model home. 

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